Development history of flooring technology

1st Locking system of flooring

The first joint of flooring , we named it as “Bean curd block ” , the same as picture on the right shows.

  • Nail, glue, and keel are needed for installation:
  • A Destroy the natural texture of flooring and the anti-moisture layer of lacquer.
  • B Increase formaldehyde and other harmful gas emission;
  • C Large gap between two floor panels may store dust and bacteria: not healthy
    or environmental and easy to separate, warp and gap.

2st Generation of Flooring Connecting Technology

“Tongue & Groove” Connecting Techno

Based on connecting of first generation, it applies concave-convex groove structure that reduces gap between flooring connecting effectively.

  • Nail, glue, and keel are needed for installation:
  • A Nail, glue and keel are still needed in installation.
  • B The installation still has gap which may accumulate dust and bacteria.
    This is not healthy or environmental, and it’s easy to warp, separate and gap.
  • C Till now this kind of installation is still adopted to some flooring with
    relatively worse stabilization like solid wood, engineered wood, bamboo, etc.

3st Generation of Flooring Connecting Technology

- Horizontal Connecting Technology

European company developed horizontal insert connecting click in 1996.

  • A No nail, no glue, no keel, seamless installation.
  • B It could reduce formaldehyde emission effectively. But this kind of connecting click is only applied to long side, not the short side, and the locking is not firm enough. It cracks and separates after a time of usage. Therefore, this style of locking system is only applied in stable floors, like laminate floor. But the wooden & bamboo floor are easily expanded and contracted material.
  • C For one thing, it's very difficult to install; for the other thing, it will have problems, such as gap, separation, warp, even noise after installation. Up to now, most of the wooden & bamboo floor are still using the 3rd Generation flooring jointing tech.

4st Generation of Flooring Connecting Technology

– 3R click Connecting Technology

International Trade Line developed vertical flooring connecting technology by 4-side click in 2006.

  • What is 3R ? ------Gap-Resistant , Warp-Resistant , Separation -Resistant
  • A No nail, no glue, no keel, no-gap installation prevents formaldehyde release out of traditional installation technology. All four sides are applied with 3R click system, which locks strong. The unique design of intelligent groove is adjustable automatically according to local temperature and humidity.
  • B Flooring is installed firm and stable with 3R click system, and can be used several times. After years’ use, Birkin 3R click flooring, whether applied in laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, engineered wood flooring, or solid wood flooring, whether under humid climate or in dry areas .
  • C Can prevent effectively warp, separation, gap etc. flooring problems; and can thus prevent dirt or bacteria to accumulate under floor. Bergeim floor is healthy, eco-friendly, firm & stable, and durable.