Technical advantages

1- trusted quality material

The manufacture of Tap & Go floors adopted high quality materials, excellent technology and advanced equipment

2- stronger locking

The wider and deeper design of Tap & Go locking system makes it much stronger, no loosing or cracking. The design of thin groove in the up hook – intelligent groove is an innovative technology, which enables the hook shrink and expands with good elasticity. It also makes planks truly firmly locked together.

3- easier installation

Compared with Tongue & Groove or traditional click flooring, Tap & Go locking flooring can simply installed by tapping the edge of the planks, which requires less labor, fewer tools and supplementary materials( no keel, no nail, no pulling bar, no glue required). One person with one rubber mallet is all needed for Tap& Go installation. Besides, Tap & Go locking flooring can be easily replaced without any damage. This easier & faster installation will certainly save time and labor cost.

4- Eco friendly Low formaldehyde

Tap & Go locking flooring has high requirement on raw materials, so the formaldehyde emission is far below the normal or low quality ones. Tap & Go locking flooring requires no glue during installation, which makes the floor (especially for wood and bamboo flooring) more natural and safe.

Forest resources saving

Tap & Go locking flooring can be easily uninstalled and re-used for many times, which significantly saves forest resources and protects environment, showing super economization.

5- suit underfloor heating

3R Tap & Go Locking Technology adopts a brand new "Up and Low Hook" structure, with 4 sides locking in both and short sides. It enables the up and low hook joint together in horizontally by vertically locking, and floors locks together more tightly.

The key to tightly lock - design for smart groove. When temperature changes, floors will shrink or expand, smart groove enables the hook shrink and expand with good elasticity.