Big events

January, 2013

We are recruiting franchisees in the world, to those who are willing and qualified to do business with our global brands: bidbidgo Buildmart and Bergeim Floors.

May, 2012

We have cooperated with thousands of builders, developers and wholesalers from over 150 countries and regions, which includes Rona, Adeo (LM), Shangrila Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Marriot Hotel, etc

January, 2011

bidbidgo firstly brought the new business model- One-stop Solution of building and decoration materials, and started to carry it out in the world.

November. 2011

The Governor of Hubei Province Wang guosheng, The Director of Forestry Department Wand haitao and The Mayor of Huanggang city, Hupei Province Liu xuerong met bidbidgo's president He yixin.

June, 2011

On 6th June, 2011, bidbidgo felt highly honored to be interviewed by the press corps from the mainstream media organized by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China.

January, 2011

On 15th January 2011, 2010 Top 10 Economic Transition Leading People, Enterprises and Cities award ceremony was held by Economic Reference Magazine, Xinhua Net, etc. in Beijing. He Yixin, the chairman of bidbidgo Industry, Inc. was honored as one of "The Top 10 Economic Transition Leading People".