HDF Contrast Between Bergeim Floors And Brand A Flooring Date:2015-8-28 17:00

Things We Will Need

1 Look

Brand A: HDF Color - Dark , Fiber - Rough
Bergeim: HDF Color - Golden, Fiber - Smooth

2 Smell

Bergeim: Freshened pine HDF core with good pine fragrance
Brand A: Use normal HDF core with poor smell or pungent smell of glue

3 Weigh

With the same specification & the same size,
Brand A :0.050kg Bergeim: 0.058kg

4 Tear (Splitting the board with hammer & screwdriver )

After the Splitting

Brand A: HDF color - dark, fiber - rough
Bergeim: HDF color - golden, fiber - smooth

Tearing the board to see the quality of HDF

Brand A:
Color: The color depth varies, some dark, some light, even with dark brown spots.
Touch: Rough, have granular sensation.
Structure: Non-uniform and loose.
Color: Golden
Touch : Smooth, no granular sensation.
Structure: Uniform and compact.

5 Soaking (Soaking the boards in the water )

After soaking in the water for half a day

Brand A : The water turned yellow and turbid.
Bergeim : The water still kept clear.

After soaking in the water for half a day

Brand A:
The deformation of Brand A HDF is serious after soaking for a half day.
The deformation of Bergeim freshened pine HDF is slight after soaking for a half day.

Brand A: The water completely permeated through the board.
Bergeim The water partly permeated through the board.

Why there is so big difference

Normal laminate flooring

The HDF of normal laminate flooring is made by mixed woods, such as poplar, weedtree and bush. The color of these HDF are dark brown. The materials are light and has no oil or less oil with poor function of water proof. It needs much more glue to bond the fiber, thus it contains more formaldehyde.

Bergeim Floors

The HDF of Bergeim laminate flooring is made by wet-land pine. Pine materials are heavier and have long growth period and wood fragrance. The wood chip is oily and ductile, and the fiber is thin and long, so it could easily bond each other by themselves. Thus the performance of water proof is much better. What’s more, less glue was needed to bond the fiber, thus it contains less formaldehyde.